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Manlius Democrats Meeting

Our Mission Statement

The Town of Manlius Democratic Committee is committed to representing the views of the town Democrats.  It is dedicated to the ideas of  transparent government, fiscal efficiency and diverse government representation. It’s goal is to encourage and develop candidates who promote these positions.

We are pleased to give people of our town a link to the Democratic Committee. The committee is made up of 33 election districts with two committee people representing each district. Meetings are held monthly, alternating between closed committee meetings and open public forums. The meetings are held in the Board Room of the Manlius Town Hall and are announced in the Eagle Bulletin and on our website.

We are active in the community and participate in local events, such as the Fourth of July parade, village festivals and other events around town. We often sponsor educational forums for residents to present local and state issues for discussion.  In addition, we promote “Meet and Greets” with local, state and federal representatives.

As your neighbor, friend or relative, who live in this community know that it is important to have diversity and choice in our government. We want to offer that to our town.  We are reaching out and hope that with your help, we can bring innovative ideas and professional expertise to give the Town of Manlius “ a clear view for today and a fresh vision for tomorrow”.

Nancy Durkin, Chairperson

Executive Board

Nancy Durkin
Nancy Durkin

Nancy Durkin has been on the committee for the past 14 years, serving as chair for 9 years. Her many duties involved recruiting committee members, working with designated candidates to canvas, phone banking, distributing campaign literature and coordinating with the other town chairpersons as well as the Onondaga County Democratic Committee. In the 2017 election, she was the party candidate for Town Supervisor.
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John Deer
John Deer
Vice Chairperson

John Deer is a newcomer to the committee, having joined two years ago. With a solid background in IT, he has been the Tech and Social Media consultant for the Town of Manlius Democratic Committee. He was the party candidate for Town Clerk in the 2017 election.
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Susan Muench
Susan Muench

Susan Muench has been a on the town committee for 10 years. As a committee member, she has passed petitions, canvassed, done phone banking and distributed campaign literature. She has served faithfully as secretary for 7 years. 
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Prerna Deer
Prerna Deer

Prerna Deer has been on the committee for the past 2 years. After working diligently on the 2017 Town Election and the 2018 Mike Montes for Sheriff campaign, Prerna was elected to treasurer at the end of 2018.
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Roseann Lorefice
Roseann Lorefice
Event Coordinator

Roseann Lorefice has served on the committee for the past six years. She took an active role in the town elections of 2017, serving as Campaign Manager for the first time. She now is our event coordinator.
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